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November 29, 2012 by edgarquijada

Fame is a powerful thing many people have. Fame can change people into being something they really are not. Fame can be given to anyone from this world. But mostly fame is something that can even kill people.

In this world we live with the power of fame. People treat famous actors or actresses in a godly figure. We give them the power to make them feel than better than everyone else. The people is who make the people famous. We are the ones who buy their albums, watch their movies, support their work of art. If it wasn’t for the people who bought and did all these things, famous figures wouldn’t be famous. Fame can be given to any type of person. They will become famous if we help them to be. If we like that person we will follow up on them, support them, and love their work of art.

Famous people in my eyes are immortal. They are immortal because of the work that they do will never die. Music, movies, paintings will remain for ever. I also think culture and tradition keeps them alive. For example Micheal Jackson’s albums are one of the most selling albums in the world, those albums will be copied, shared, and listen to for ever.

As well fame can end up changing people. Many famous people will become to cocky and think they are better than others. Fame gives them power to feel like that as well as money. All this can also lead to stress. Stress on keeping with your work, to keep your fans happy. Then the life of the famous person I believe has a lot stress with it. Paparazzi will be behind you, you kinda have to become a different Identity to protect your real self. Fame in overall can be good or bad, the person with it just has to know how to handle it. Fame is a super power.

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