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November 20, 2012 by edgarquijada

Religion for many people exist and for other it doesn’t.  The catholic religion is the religion I belong to.  Religion for many people is what they believe in and their faith.  In project I took a picture of me praying to La Virgen De Guadalupe.  I choose this picture as my positve.  I think its positive becasue it shows belief, faith, and catholisism.  Many people pray for help or to be forgiven.  For my neutral i took a picture of a candle that had a picture of death on the front of the candle and it said “Santa Muerte” (Saint Death).  In my eyes this is neutral because it is bad or negative to die, but it is also positive.  It is positive because we were all born to die.  After we die we basically live forever from the christianity point.  It can be a negative or positive idea: I choose it to be neutral.  For my negative work,  I took an other photgraph of my self dressed as a drug lord with a picture of the Virgen Mary next to me.  I also had a gold charm with the Virgen engraved on it.  I had an assualt rifle in my hands while on my waist i had a hand gun.  I had a black cowboy hat, the look of a Mexican drug lord.  The point i wanted to get across was that how people from mafia or organized crime still pray or stay religious by wearing religious figures while they go kill poeple and sin.  It is a big contraversy in the Hispanic Culture, and even in the mafia world i would imagen.  It shows a negative side of how they still feel it is right to wear religious articles as I was wearing in the picture.  In the end no one in this world is perfect or lives or serves God as God wants us too. This world has sinners and bad people, violence is everywhere, as well as racism.    


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