The Weight of Freedom

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September 20, 2012 by edgarquijada

Duchamp, a great artist and a great ready-made creator.  He created many ready-mades that make us the viewers see the piece of art in so many different ways.  These masterpieces have so many meanings that everyone, including the creator, see and feel.  Duchamp made ready-mades from things people would consider “Junk”. Duchamp has the ability to turn this junk into an art piece that means different things to the viewer.  For our project we had to make a ready-made with objects the were already created and could be reproduced.  We also had to make sure that the project could be reproduced by an other student in the Class. For my project I choose a lock and a feather inside the key hole; It is titled The Weight of Freedom.  In my eyes a feather represents light weight, life, and freedom.  A lock could stand for something in the way of your success or freedom.  The whole idea of my ready-made is that freedom can be the key to your success. That something so simple and light can be so powerful to unlock a path that awaits you.  If you look at it in a different way: being locked can show you the values of be free. I think of so many different things when I look at this. If I turn it upside down with the lock on top it means a whole different thing and changes the whole meaning of the art piece. The lock can also mean a road or something in the future that is away from your reach because it locked away and the key is the freedom of your mind that lets you think and conquer ideas that will help you unlock those roads. I can keep on going with what I want this ready-made to mean, but i want to know, what so you see? What is going on in your head? Do our ideas get along or are they different? I want the viewer to see this in a way I, the Creator, did not see it. Much love.

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