El Edgar: Introduction

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September 11, 2012 by edgarquijada

Yo soy Edgar, I am Edgar.  I am a seventeen-year old Mexican-Ameican from South Bend, Indiana and a Freshman here at Holy Cross.  My parents are from Mexico and I was born and Raised in South Bend.  I attended Riley High School, which is in the South Side of South Bend. I am an interesting figure in my opinion. I love riding horses, playing soccer and occasionally I Bull Ride.  I am deeply in touch with my Mexican Culture and Traditions. I love the Mexican sport called “Charreria” it is a type of Mexican rodeo. I have four horses and other farm animals.  So from that information you can probably tell that I love the outdoors. I also play sports, I am part of the Men’s Soccer team here at Holy Cross.

I am not the very artistic kind – I used to be when i was younger.  My art skills were okay when I was younger.  I started to put the drawing pad aside when after my 8th grade year.  After a while i didn’t practice my art anymore, therefore I wasn’t as good as I was.  Since then I thought art wasn’t the thing for me. Now, I have thought of going back to art again, this is why I picked this class. The class was exactly what I expected: Pictures, themes, and everyone’s different thoughts and ideas. What I expect from this class is how to explain art and identify images. Every image has a voice of its own and has a million words that describe the image.  I would like to learn and how to interpret every image into words.  Art is different for everyone and everyone is different as well. Like for me soccer and Charreria are two different things that I think they are art in their own way. That’s a little intro of me and what i think about this class!

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